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This will only be available through ”"The end of support for Skype on smart TV’s begins today, March 7, 2016, and Skype is leaving it up to smart TV manufacturers whether or not they decided to remove the app or service from their devices or continue to offer an unsupported version."So Samsung *could* leave the version they have on existing smart TV's and just have a disclaimer that its not supported or the like.Samsung TV's only used this for there webcams and there still selling those TV's they need pulling from stock.Major social media giant leaves manufacturers and customers in the leach, with the manufacturers holding the "bad guy" bag.And to top it off, the manufacturers are still selling products advertizing a service that was known to be dead in a few months.Since Skype is all theirs, any maker that had it will suffer some wrath. Microsoft will not listen to our still small global mix of members. Find your favorite tech news outlet; the bigger the better. The program guide vanished on Sony, Samsung and who knows what else in the following months. This is nothing more than a business move by Microsoft. It does haul the pants down on manufacturers like Samsung.But Samsung is still continuing to advertise TV'S with Skype, and sell TV Camera kits.Smart Products with EOL programming features which may end before the warranty is cold 8s the next frontier. If there is a consumer attorney out there please contact me.

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Michelle: I will pass the transcript of this chat to my supervisor. Chat Information Chat session has been terminated by the Samsung Agent. It's gone now, but it did say that Skype was to be removed, not no longer supported, as there is a difference.

The add on cameras have no purpose, and the rest is false advertizing. Supposing that some of my emails have navigated past their spam filters, it should only be a matter of time before this gets picked up.

It's really a big story when you put it all into context.

Michelle: I sent the information to my supervisor but it may take a day to get more answers.

Michelle: If you'd like, you may chat again tomorrow, or I can also send you a number to call for our main office. If you have a minute, please click on the blue “X close” button to receive the transcript of your chat and fill out a brief survey to help us serve you better.


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