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—Leveled 50 city blocks, destroying 624 buildings when 60 mile an hour winds drove flames out of the surrounding hills.

RELATED ITEMS: Response of the San Francisco Fire Department to the Berkeley Conflagration of September 17, 1923 Fires in Glacier National Park destroyed buildings in the Many Glacier area of the park.

RELATED ITEMS: Staff Ride to the Blackwater Fire Flames overran and killed five crewmen from Paradise Camp F-5, Company 1212, a Civilian Conservation Corp Firefighting Crew, as they retreated from a fire in steep rugged terrain on the Toiyabe National Forest and Winnemucca District-Division of Grazing lands in Northern Nevada near the small community of Orovada.

REFERENCED ITEMS: From Bernard De Voto, ed., The Journals of Lewis and Clark (Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1997 [1953]), p. A series of wildfires swept through South Carolina.

Initially managed for resource benefits as a prescribed natural fire, the Ouzel Fire was driven by strong downslope "Chinook" winds toward the park boundary.

Winds eventually subsided and the fire was controlled within the park boundary.

His crew was trapped between walls of fire and he led them to safety inside a mineshaft.

Five of the 45 men died and Ed Pulaski and many others received serious burns while escaping the flames.


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