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, some romances come to tragic end (RIP Robb and Talisa), or they're hardly romantic at all (cue Cersei and Robert).From forbidden loves to incestual relationships, these are the best and worst couples in Westeros and beyond.They're sweet, innocent, homely, and perfect for each other.Sometimes they're romantic, sometimes they bicker like an old married couple, and for that reason, they might be the most relatable pair on the show.

It was also his funeral pyre that helped hatch her dragon eggs.

Sansa has a history of being forced into awful marriages, and it all started off with this one.

Back at the start of Season 1, she was a love-struck teenager who was head-over-heels for Joffrey; she even sided with him over her own sister Arya.

Dany first entered this marriage already wanting to escape.

She was young, had just fled from home, was stuck with an abusive brother, and now, forced to marry someone she didn't know from a culture she knew nothing about.


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