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Producer Amanda White and cinematographer Magdalena Gorka sued Affleck for m and .25m respectively over alleged offences during the filming of the mockumentary I'm Still Here which stars Joaquin Phoenix.In the original allegations, Ms White alleged that Affleck referred to women as "cows", groped her when she rejected his sexual advances and instructed a camera operator to flash his genitals at her on several occasions.After Brie Larson gave Casey Affleck a frosty reception while presenting him with a Golden Globe, you might have thought the Oscars would choose someone different to present the accolade.Nevertheless, they did not and unsurprisingly, history repeated itself.As the adolescent Jeannette, at once magnetised and repulsed by her father, she pretty much steals every scene she’s in, even from the swaggering Harrelson.His character’s frailties become more explicable when we learn where those demons that he is trying to slay with alcohol come from.

It made her even more a captive to her sunbed than usual; she was transfixed by the story of Jeannette Walls, who overcame a dysfunctional, chaotically nomadic upbringing in the Sixties and Seventies to become a society gossip columnist in New York City.Other actors confirmed for the superhero film — directed by Half Nelson helmers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck — are Ben Mendelsohn and Samuel L.Jackson, the former playing a villain while Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury from the Avengers.But how sympathetic you find Rex really depends on whether you buy into his notions of parenting, which hold that schoolwork comes a poor second to lying in the moonlight with your dad, learning about the solar system.In certain philosophical ways, The Glass Castle — its title taken from the towering edifice Rex ambitiously promises to build for Jeannette — is similar to last year’s Captain Fantastic.While actual details of the deal remain secret, Ms Gorka and Ms White’s complaints continue to be online on the public record.


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