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Such tavern-restaurants existed not only in France but also in other countries.In Germany, Austria, and Alsace, Brauereien and Weinstuben served delicatessen, sauerkraut, and cheese, for example; in Spain bodegas served tapas.It was a coffee house, hence the word "cafe." Cafes were places educated people went to share ideas and new discoveries.Patrons spent several hours in these establishments in one "sitting." This trend caught on in Europe on the 17th century.

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Records show that the food preparation carried out by the abbey brethren reached a much higher standard than food served in the inns at that time...

Medieval travelers dined at inns, taverns, monestaries and hostelries.

Colonial America continued this tradition in the form of legislated Publick Houses.

According to the current edition of Larousse Gastronomque (p.

194-5), the first cafes (generally defined as places selling drinks and snacks) was established in Constantinople in 1550.


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