Dating bereau ukraine

Already in November 2014, he was re-elected to Ukrainian parliament and received then efficient instrument of protection – deputy’s immunity.

The same could have happened with Yuriy Ivaniushchenko, one of the closest associates of Yanukovych, had the public not whooped things up over lack of criminal proceedings against him.

Collapse of law enforcement and judicial system used for decades by high-ranking political elites to conceal corruption crimes instead of investigating them is a main prerequisite for impunity.

To convict corrupted high-level officials in power and to recover their ill-gotten assets is a task for the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

While official criminal investigation posses now lower risks for perpetrators engaged in large-scale corruption: it is a common practice to “negotiate” with the prosecutor’s office closing the proceeding, win a case in a court, or “kill” it at the stage of court order execution, which may be postponed for years not affecting corrupt practices.

Maximum access to information possessed by the state is a key prerequisite for high-quality anti-corruption investigations conducted by journalists and NGOs.

Since the prosecutor’s office is not able to bring to court apparent economic crimes of former high-level officials, the Ukrainian public loses hope of law enforcement bodies investigating crimes of high-level officials now in power, and faith that a more just society can be build.

It is based on three pillars: law enforcement anti-corruption agency, disclosure of information available to the state, and strengthening internal anti-corruption expertize All three pillars are of equal importance and shall be developed simultaneously.

First convictions of high-level corrupt officials and forfeiture of their ill-gotten assets, as effective results of NAB activity, will start rapid clean up and real reform of the entire law enforcement and judicial system of Ukraine.

Media and civil society organizations now often replace law enforcement bodies in investigating large-scale corruption schemes in Ukraine.

International community could join the process of elaboration and implementation of such rules from the very first days of the Bureau’s operation and assist it by: From the first days of its operation, the international element should be strongly embedded into the work of Bureau.

Cooperation agreements shall be signed and personal contacts shall be set between the NAB and partner law enforcement institutions from the EU member-states, USA, Canada, etc.


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