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" Dwayne complained through a mouth stuffed full of food.

He looked closer to fifty than his actual thirty-five years did my fat, balding husband. "Remember, he lets us live here, rent free." "We still have to pay the electricity, the garbage, the cable, the water," he mumbled between bites.

Mandy and Dad and even Dwayne then sent me e-mails — god, I was so popular and proud. "Jimmy's gone with the girls to town," she laughed, her full breasts bouncing, "and Daddy and Dwayne? shit, neither of them can see twenty yards with the beer they've been drinking." We laughed and shouted and giggled and hugged for twenty minutes before we ran laughing naked from the water, girls again.

"Wait," warned Amanda, "once they find you you'll be hearing about every gimmick in the world." "Yes, every sexual enhancement product in the world," Dad said laughing. " Mandy teased father as Dwayne explained the world of spam and penis enlargement e-mails to me. "I wish you'd come live with me," I whispered as we toweled off. "I've been waiting two hours for you to wake sleepyhead," I smiled back.

"My God, he's got bigger there too," Dad said chuckling when Jimmy finally got out of the water and started walking towards us. "Well look Chris, I mean shit, you can't miss much when he's wearing that little thing. maybe when you come back we can talk, you can give me some advice..." "Are you worried about what Dwayne will do?

He looks almost as well hung as his granddad," he said proudly. " As Jimmy stood talking to us for minute after minute I couldn't help but look, my eyes drawn again and again to the clearly defined shaft, to the thick ridge, to the round head. He gets a hard-on and that little thing won't hold half of him." "That's just what they wear for their training Daddy; normally he wears surfer shorts when he's with his friends." "God, those little teenyboppers see him like that they'll rape the poor boy. " "No, I think he'll be happier than I to finish it.

I had first seen Dwayne Prentice when I was a fifteen year old freshman at Conway High, a naïve schoolgirl who was instantly taken by the handsome, older first baseman for the visiting Florence team. Why he had even talked to me that day I'm not sure. He spent a half hour with me before their bus arrived to take them home. "Not this year, I know you're too young, but after you finish high school, when you're ready," he added quickly. But, on a beautiful summer day three years later, under a canopy by the pond on our farm, I did finally marry my Dwayne.

Even Jimmy finally went to bed, although I could see he was worried leaving his valuable machine in the hands of his non-techno Aunt. "We went skinny dipping," boasted Mandy, "if you boys hadn't been so interested in your beer and the baseball game..." "Sheeeeeit! " "Yeah Jimmy, while you were running after those little teenyboppers, you granddad and I had a show of our own, sexiest thing I ever saw," Dwayne added leering. "And it looked like you left your pj's at home," I added with a sly grin. " he said blushing and I knew that he was wondering what I'd seen, was wondering just how much of his body had been covered when his Aunt had peeked in.

"It's a wireless setup Aunt Chris," the enthusiastic teen explained, "now all we have to do is order your computer and we both can be online at the same time." "Where can we buy one? "We're not buying golf clubs," my exasperated nephew said sarcastically, "we'll buy it on line tonight." "Ohhh! "Thank you sweetie, I never could have done it without you," I said as I hugged him and gave him a quick peck on his cheek. When I checked my e-mail late that night there was one new message. "And you'll have Jimmy with you all summer at least.

I'm sure Conway doesn't have a store that sells them. " After dinner all of us gathered around Jimmy as he logged onto the Dell site. Even Dwayne was impressed, and graciously conceded that, "you sure know computers boy. That is if he doesn't run off with one of those little strumpets that were chasing him today," she added, referring to three little Conway girls that had materialized at the farm earlier in the day. Are these girls more developed, more wild than we were at their age? I blushed when Mandy said, "Jimmy's eighteen and I'm only thirty-five little sister." "Oh God, I didn't mean," "Hey Chrissie, just so you know, I love you too my beautiful little sister." The tears were falling down both our cheeks when taking my arm she said, "Now let's go and have a quick skinny dip before dinner." "What!

He loved me and was more than happy with me as his wife. Oh, he'd make love to me, seemed to enjoy it some, was proud other men thought me beautiful, but... " He grinned sheepishly as I kissed him, finally retreating from my arms as he said, "hi Aunt Chris and then turned to shake Dwayne's hand, who seemed stunned by the sight of the six foot plus tall boy in front of him. And I don't mean women his age, these weren't retirees, these were good looking girls our age." "Well Daddy's handsome, intelligent, and a good talker, and pretty rich," I started, but was simply met by Mandy shaking her head while she continued to hold her hands apart. " Jimmy asked as he and his granddad walked towards us.

But even at twenty-four he was happy to do it once a week or every two weeks, that's all he needed to satisfy himself. And slowly over ten years Dwayne got fatter and fatter and I got unhappier and unhappier. "Jesus, your Auntie told me you'd grown boy, but sheeit, I didn't expect... We spent the rest of the afternoon, dinner, all evening, doing what any family does after coming together after a long separation; we talked and laughed and ate and drank, gosh even Jimmy junior had a couple of beers, and then we all went to bed both tired and happy. "He has a beeeg penis Chris," she said still laughing, "and so does Jimmy, hung like horses, both of them. "No, sorry honey," I said as my eyes quickly darted from my nephews bathing suit to my fathers.


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