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The Green Man travelled with the Europeans as they colonized the world.Many variations can be found in Neo-gothic Victorian architecture.

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"The Green Man" is also a popular name for English public houses and various interpretations of the name appear on inn signs, which sometimes show a full figure rather than just the head. Found in many cultures from many ages around the world, the Green Man is often related to natural vegetative deities.He was very popular amongst Australian stonemasons and can be found on many secular and sacred buildings.Among these are English artist Paul Sivell, who created the Whitefield Green Man, a wood carving in a dead section of a living oak tree; David Eveleigh, an English garden designer who created the Penpont Green Man Millennium Maze, in Powys, Wales (the largest depiction of a Green Man image in the world); Zambian sculptor Toin Adams who created the 12m-tall Green Man in Birmingham, UK (the largest free-standing sculpture of the Green Man in the world); and sculptor M. Anderson, who created the marble sculpture titled Green Man as Original Coastal Aboriginal Man of All Time from Whence the Bush and All of Nature Sprouts from his Fingers.The simplest depict a man's face peering out of dense foliage.Some may have leaves for hair, perhaps with a leafy beard.The Green Knight in this poem serves as both a monster antagonist and as mentor to Sir Gawain, belonging to a pre-Christian world which seems antagonistic to, but is in the end harmonious with, the Christian one.


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