Dating open boston dating speed

Someone who we can rely on for comfort, intimacy and for the most part, exclusivity.Of course on occasions, exclusivity slips into ‘ownership’, with one partner actively discouraging their partner from making friends and having a healthy sense of being in a partnership, but also having their own individual identity.

This may explain why as a society, we often aspire to be monogamous, putting fidelity on a pedestal, but then aren’t always that good at it in practice.Of course you’d have to hope that anyone entering this arrangement for sex or emotional intimacy, or both, also shares exactly the same agenda as the couple and intends to return to their life once it’s over.And here also lies the main problem which can arise with open relationships.While this might come as a relief in some respects because the pressure is off, the emotional damage can be enormous.So, if you’re tempted with an open relationship there are some key points to remember.Could you and your partner be one of these couples?


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