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Pretty soon Zane was making rape threats, and months later he would plead guilty to harassment.

It was a landmark case, showing that laws about making rape threats could be applied to conversations on Facebook and possibly other platforms."I think it was taken out of context," Ron said about Chris and Zane."One person wrote something silly in their profile and another wrote silly remarks about that.

Generally, he seems to find social media a bit scary, but he can't keep away."Even on the date she'd mentioned how she had come first in an open bikini comp - only two, max three, years ago she was a stunning bikini girl," he said.In the messages to her he wrote: "I was attracted to the girl in the photos ... You're welcome to remains friends with me."She replied: "This has left me feeling really shit."A brutal thing for Ron to say, and perhaps an example of how we remain fearless in the walled gardens of social media, despite knowing that anything can be recorded, posted, shared outside.Then a friend messaged him; a screenshot of the original rant. Ron was working long shifts and not sleeping well, and it was strange to know he was being called a "balding beer bellied mute little c***" and to be powerless to join the conversation. no cat selfies or prudishness), no underage girls, no underage nudity, no asking for medical advice, and "No F**king Screenshots".She was a member of the group called Bad Girls Advice - Ron searched Facebook but it did not come up. At the time of the Ron-post in early October, the group had about 50,000 members. This makes it probably the largest all-girl private Facebook group in Australia. A and BGA have rules against posting screenshots with faces and names visible but these seem to slip through all the time.Kinda like real life*Dude matches with girl* Dude: "Hey wanna meet up?


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