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Many women in their 30s and above can wholeheartedly vouch for this fact, saying that orgasms in their 30s and beyond are the most powerful ones of their lives. While it might sound a little creepy to bring up moms and motherhood when talking about your lover, the truth is moms are more patient and definitely know how to have fun.Plus, if you’re into hanging out with the younger crowd you’d better believe she’s got a ton of cool toys and even cooler kids to interact with! She’s had her fair share of lovers by this point in her life, and she definitely knows what she likes and what she’s doing.

This makes for a perfect libido match-up when dating an older woman. [Read: Foreplay done right – the art of really turning a girl on] #2 She’s a mom. The staple behind being with a mom you’d like to f*ck is that your girlfriend, in fact, is a mom!

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