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The Form View renders the default Insert Item Template as if we were starting over.In fact, and changes to other fields in the Form View are lost upon postback.When Details View changes to Edit mode, it is important to provide list of countries using List control such as Details View, so that the end user can change the country to desired one.

I am not a coding expert, but I am trying to learn as I go.The recommendation was to explicitly re-bind the Grid View as I am doing here with the Form View.That thread didn't indicate whether this fixed the problem or not. When I put breakpoints in my code and step through, the Select Method defined for the Form View's Object Data Source does get called after the Data Bind statement and the updated BO is returned.This can be achieved in various ways, most common approach is by passing User ID in URL.On second page using Query String parameter User ID is accessed and the detailed user record is displayed using Details View control.Note that in this example the button is out of Details View control.


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