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(Slowly set them down.) Then, go out to the backyard and play with the kids.

Stick to the schedule posted on the kitchen walls as closely as possible, ignoring other activities if necessary.

(By default, keep picking the X Button choices.) Instead of going out through the front door into the throng of reporters, go out to the backyard, climb over the fence to the neighbor's backyard, walk through the alleyway, and then get into the car.

(This counts as failing the trial, even though Ethan must still win the running gunfight.) At the evil doctor's house, get caught by drinking his tainted wine or by going deeper into the hallway, and then break free from the ropes while the evil doctor answers the doorbell ringer.

The correct starting step is to loosen the ropes on the right leg, and then knock around the drill to cut the ropes.

Upon finding Ethan after the third trial, help him escape from the police.

Pull down the tall boards covering a window, and push over the low box.


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