Instruction for consolidating corporation returns

Where a peril is especially excepted in a contract of insurance, a loss, which would not have occurred but for such peril, is thereby excepted although the immediate cause of the loss was a peril which was not excepted. Except as otherwise provided in this Code, no judgment creditor or other claimant shall have the right to levy upon any of the securities of the insurer held on deposit under this section or held on deposit pursuant to the requirement of the Commissioner. 5186, otherwise known as the Investment Incentives Act, and such other classes of investments as may be authorized by the Commissioner for purposes of this section: , That (a) no more than twenty per centum of the net worth of such company as shown by its latest financial statement approved by the Commissioner shall be invested in the lot and building in which the insurance company conducts its business and (b) the total investment of an insurance company in any registered enterprise shall not exceed twenty, That such investments free from any lien or encumbrance, shall be at least equal in amount to the aggregate amount of (a) its legal reserve, as provided in section two hundred thirteen, and (b) its reserve fund held for reinsurance as provided for in the pertinent treaty provision in the case of reinsurance ceded to authorized insurers. The Commissioner shall have the power to determine the eligibility of any such investments for valuation on the basis of amortization, and may by regulation prescribe or limit the classes of securities so eligible for amortization.

If the policy requires, by way of preliminary proof of loss, the certificate or testimony of a person other than the insured, it is sufficient for the insured to use reasonable diligence to procure it, and in case of the refusal of such person to give it, then to furnish reasonable evidence to the insurer that such refusal was not induced by any just grounds of disbelief in the facts necessary to be certified or testified.(a) The insured, unless the policy otherwise provides, may claim payment from the insurers in such order as he may select, up to the amount for which the insurers are severally liable under their respective contracts;(b) Where the policy under which the insured claims is a valued policy, the insured must give credit as against the valuation for any sum received by him under any other policy without regard to the actual value of the subject matter insured;(d) Where the insured receives any sum in excess of the valuation in the case of valued policies, or of the insurable value in the case of unvalued policies, he must hold such sum in trust for the insurers, according to their right of contribution among themselves; Sec. Where an insurer obtains reinsurance, except under automatic reinsurance treaties, he must communicate all the representations of the original insured, and also all the knowledge and information he possesses, whether previously or subsequently acquired, which are material to the risk.(a) Vessels, craft, aircraft, vehicles, goods, freights, cargoes, merchandise, effects, disbursements, profits, moneys, securities, choses in action, evidences of debts, valuable papers, bottomry, and respondentia interests and all other kinds of property and interests therein, in respect to, appertaining to or in connection with any and all risks or perils of navigation, transit or transportation, or while being assembled, packed, crated, baled, compressed or similarly prepared for shipment or while awaiting shipment, or during any delays, storage, transhipment, or reshipment incident thereto, including war risks, marine builder's risks, and all personal property floater risks;(b) Person or property in connection with or appertaining to a marine, inland marine, transit or transportation insurance, including liability for loss of or damage arising out of or in connection with the construction, repair, operation, maintenance or use of the subject matter of such insurance (but not including life insurance or surety bonds nor insurance against loss by reason of bodily injury to any person arising out of ownership, maintenance, or use of automobiles);(d) Bridges, tunnels and other instrumentalities of transportation and communication (excluding buildings, their furniture and furnishings, fixed contents and supplies held in storage); piers, wharves, docks and slips, and other aids to navigation and transportation, including dry docks and marine railways, dams and appurtenant facilities for the control of waterways. The owner of a ship has in all cases an insurable interest in it, even when it has been chartered by one who covenants to pay him its value in case of loss: Provided, That in this case the insurer shall be liable for only that part of the loss which the insured cannot recover from the charterer. Except as otherwise approved by the Commissioner, in case the building or buildings on land do not belong to the owner of the latter, no loan shall be granted on the security of the real estate in question unless both the owner of the building or buildings and the owner of the land sign the deed of mortgage, and unless the owner of the land is the Government of the Philippines or one of its political subdivisions, in which event the owner is not required to sign the deed of mortgage. shall mean net income after deducting operating and maintenance expenses, taxes other than income taxes, depreciation and depletion; but excluding extraordinary non-recurring items of income or expense appearing in the regular financial statement of the issuing, assuming or guaranteeing institution.

Where different portions of the voyage contemplated by a policy differ in respect to the things requisite to make the ship seaworthy therefor, a warranty of seaworthiness is complied with if, at the commencement of each portion, the ship is seaworthy with reference to that portion. Deposits or amounts recoverable from underwriting associations, syndicates and reinsurance funds, or from any suspended banking institution, to the extent deemed by the Commissioner to be available for the payment of losses and claims and values to be determined by him.9.

When the ship becomes unseaworthy during the voyage to which an insurance relates, an unreasonable delay in repairing the defect exonerates the insurer on ship or shipowner's interest from liability from any loss arising therefrom. The Commissioner may prescribe the conditions under which a ceding insurer may be allowed credit, as an asset or as a deduction from loss and unearned premium reserves, for reinsurance recoverable from an insurer not authorized in this country but which presents satisfactory evidence that it meets the applicable standards of solvency required in this country.8.

The interest mentioned in the last section exists, in case of a charter party, when the ship has broken ground on the chartered voyage. In marine insurance each party is bound to communicate, in addition to what is required by section twenty-eight, all the information which he possesses, material to the risk, except such as is mentioned in Section thirty, and to state the exact and whole truth in relation to all matters that he represents, or upon inquiry discloses or assumes to disclose. The amount, if any, by which the aggregate value of investments as carried in the ledger assets of such insurance company exceeds the aggregate value thereof as determined in accordance with the provisions of this Code and/or the rules of the Commissioner. No insurance company shall loan any of its money or deposits to any person, corporation or association, except upon first mortgage or deeds of trust of unencumbered, improved or unimproved real estate, including condominiums, in cities and centers of population of municipalities in the Philippines when the amount of such loan is not in excess of seventy per centum of the market value of such real estate; or upon the security of first mortgages or deeds of trust of actually cultivated, improved and unencumbered agricultural lands in the Philippines when the amount of such loan is not in excess of forty of the market value of such land; or upon the purchase money mortgages or like securities received by it upon the sale or exchange of real property acquired pursuant to sections two hundred and two hundred two; or upon bonds or other evidences of debt of the Government of the Philippines or its political subdivisions authorized by law to issue bonds, or upon bonds or other evidences of debt of government-owned or controlled corporations and instrumentalities including the Central Bank or upon obligations issued or guaranteed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development; or upon stocks, bonds or other evidences of debt as are specified in section two hundred.

A person insured by a contract of marine insurance is presumed to have knowledge, at the time of insuring, of a prior loss, if the information might possibly have reached him in the usual mode of transmission and at the usual rate of communication. Shares of stock of such insurance company, owned by it, or any equity therein as well as loans secured thereby, or any proportionate interest in such shares of stock through the ownership by such insurance company of an interest in another corporation or business unit.7.


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