Jew dating london

Since then, the app has gained over 165,000 users in more than 70 countries, according to its founder.

What was more fascinating to me is that both Orthodox and non-religious Jewish friends had been using it and talking to me about it in the past month.

JSwipe is neither the first nor the most recent Jewish dating app.

It launched about nine months ago in timing with Passover (because nothing says love like a story of slavery and eight days of eating a cracker that will ruin your digestive system).

Going to Koko on Christmas Eve to pull and bumping into people from Tour.9. If you don't live in London, putting your radius setting way up.22. So getting a friend to suggest someone, then looking them up on Facebook and judging them on how many mutual friends you have.30.

Worse, bumping into someone you took on camp and feeling really old.10. Your parents trying to meet someone for you at simchas.13. And if you do live in London, still putting it up, just to see who’s out there. Figuring out whether to swipe left or right for all the people you've already got with.24. And if you don't have any mutual friends, refusing to believe they are Jewish. Finding someone suitable and knowing for certain they will have dated your friend.32. Asking where they're from to see if you might be related.42.

tries to get to know each individual as personally as possible and, where introductions are made, to offer, to the extent to which this is reasonably desired, a bespoke support and mentoring service through the dating and even engagement process.

A sad-faced orange Star of David flashed across the i Phone screen as we swiped left on “James” (not his real name).

You could check off Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or the vague but sufficient “Just Jewish,” which I assumed meant “I need someone with a circumcised penis who read at least one line of Hebrew around his 13th birthday.”There is also “other” and “willing to convert” (more on those categories later).The gentleman was listed as Orthodox and kosher, which is way too religious for my friend whose JSwipe account I was test-driving. “Shalom.” and onto to the next nice Jewish boy (or nice Jewish girl if we wanted to go that route).This wasn't even my own account on JSwipe, which has been described as the Jewish Tinder.Or going somewhere that's not kosher to avoid this, and still seeing someone Jewish you know, also on a date, also trying to avoid everyone else. Somehow ending up on a date in the Alice House in West Hampstead.38. Or in shul, on Yom Kippur, every year for the rest of forever. If it did go well, you will also see them across the room at the next family simcha. You will then have to panic-ask elderly relatives if you are related. If you both survive all of this, you may graduate to date two. Or wanting to go for a drink near Golders Green and ending up in the Old Bull and Bush. Aiming not to start the date by talking about Jewish geography, because it's boring, but then doing it anyway. A lot of people still live at home so meet-the-parents is happening asap, whether you like it or not.52. As Business Insider's resident 23-year-old, I was obliged to poke around and try out some of the most popular dating apps.


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