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Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket details the training of U. Marines Joker and Pyle as they struggle under the iron fist of their drill instructor, as well as the experiences of those in the Tet Offensive.

A wild card of a film, Full Metal Jacket somehow managed to divide critics while unanimously garnering worldwide praise.

In 1942, exiled Czechoslovakian soldiers assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, a high-ranking SS officer stationed in Prague.

Directed by Sean Ellis, starring Cillian Murphy and Jaime Dornan, this film pulls no punches in depicting the difficulties involved in assassinating the man who was one of the main architects of the Nazis’ “Final Solution.” Nominated for eight Academy Awards and lauded as one of the finest films on the Vietnam War, Francis Ford Coppola’s story–based off of Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”–about a Special Forces colonel gone mad and the captain assigned to assassinate him is truly a tense and masterfully enduring classic.

A 1965 widescreen war epic, this film undertook the daunting task of condensing a month-long battle in World War II into three hours.

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Critically acclaimed and painfully honest about the price children pay in war zones, the Netflix film manages to end on a hopeful note while making no attempt to conceal the violence that preceded it.From modern day movies like Hacksaw Ridge to classics like Patton, which came out over forty years ago, you’ll find a great mix of manly entertainment.Just keep in mind these are in no particular order, rather there are so many good films out there, it’s truly worth watching them all!Of course, those are just a few of the many Great War movies of all time out there.Below you’ll find my full guide to the top 60 best war movies of all time for men, featuring must watch military films.Nominated for seven Academy Awards, Terrence Malick’s fictionalized battle in World War II’s Pacific Theater poignantly shows the sacrifice of front-line fighting.


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