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The prefix is used by servers to indicate the true origin of the message.

If the prefix is missing from the message, it is assumed to have originated from the connection from which it was received from.

To avoid conflicts with other users, it is best to use a nick that is not too common, e.g. Your nickname or "nick" will appear before your posting to the channel. You cannot be identified; no one knows what age, sex, race or the country you are in - and you don’t know anything about anyone else.

This can lead to some fairly childish behaviour or behaviour which is not usual between people.

Your cursor will blink in the very bottom area waiting for your input.Each IRC message may consist of up to three main parts: an optional prefix, the command, and upto 15 command parameters.The prefix, command, and all parameters are separated by one ASCII space character (0x20) each.Therefore being able to type quickly is important and there are many IRC abbreviations or emoticons to speed up replies and discussion.When you open your chat client, you select a "chat server", then a "chat room" or "channel".There is no provision for continuation of message lines. Channels names are strings (beginning with a '&', '#', ' ' or '! A colon (':') is used as a delimiter for the channel mask.


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