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That seemed fine to me considering there's really no other place to buy audiobooks nowadays (famous last words).

Paperbacks can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or (special bundle available! Ebooks are available for Kindle, the i Tunes store, and other formats.

Charlie wore dusty overalls, flannel shirts, and starched stiff hats with a rope across the back of the bill and patches on the front face explaining what kind of veteran he was, if you knew how to comprehend those kind of things. He had little time but he had a whole lotta money and he eventually decided to quit his day job and open a craft micro-brewery in an abandoned warehouse in Orange County. Adam thought that was, admittedly, a cool start to a story, but unfortunately Rob’s stories never got more interesting than that. He was beginning to wonder if his idea would ever even pay off. 100% of the auditions were "professional." Impressively so.

He attended all the meetings, every single week, and always had a new, boring ass story to tell everyone. Each week was just another pathetic installment about how the brewery hemorrhaged his money, forced him to cash out (with penalties! Many didn't fit the bill whatsoever for the voice I had in mind.

He did, the recording was excellent, and we proceeded from there.

I started this process in mid-November, and honestly wanted the audiobook to be ready for Christmas sales. I suppose you can crack an e-whip every so often, but Kevin's a busy guy (shooting zombie movies) and I wanted a quality audiobook produced more than I needed one quickly produced.


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