Serena williams comments on dating local dating no credit card

The relationship was instant tabloid fodder and the Twitterverse, naturally, exploded.

As the couple became more and more serious, Ohanian started posting Instagram tributes to his new lady love.

The tennis star ended up losing that tournament in straight sets (that's tennis speak for a very bad match), and fans immediately accused Drake of distracting her.

The rumors and accusations went flying—as did the hashtags—in half-joking, half-serious manners, but it was all absurd nonetheless. As anyone who's had a Hollywood breakup will tell you, being constantly followed and critiqued in a relationship does not a sustainable coupling make.

"He is an incredibly nice person," she said to reporters.

"He really treats everyone the same, which is really cool to see." It might be hard for Serena's fans to come to grips with a side of her that is markedly more guarded with personal news, but it's a sign that things really feel right this time around.


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