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Cases defined by posts as special interest should be listed as Cat 1 cases. Special interest cases are those which are likely to attract interest beyond Consular Operations.They include, but are not restricted to, the following examples: Posts need to judge whether a case warrants Cat 1.The initial cable on all new cases should contain a summary and cable body.The cable body should start with: Full name: (FAMILY NAME, given name, middle name) PDOB: (place and date of birth) PPT: (passport number) Cables must be allocated a category: either category 1 or category 2 (Cat 1 or Cat 2) in the subject line of cables.Prompt reporting also enables the Department to provide guidance on policy or operations to ensure casework consistency.

When in doubt, staff should refer their concerns to more senior staff members at post and, should the doubt remain, report the case to Consular Operations.Post attention is drawn to the urgent need to report disasters and emergencies.Prompt, precise and accurate reporting is necessary to ensure the Department has the information required to respond to or advise the next of kin, and brief the Minister or media in high profile cases.Consular officers seeking guidance on a case that is not specifically dealt with in this Handbook should seek advice of senior consular officers at post, or refer the matter for advice to the case officer in Consular Operations or the Consular Emergency Centre (CEC) after hours.Posts are required to report to the Department significant casework that involves Australian citizens in their consular district.The Department aims to give consular assistance to Australian citizens whose welfare is at risk abroad, while respecting their rights to privacy. Those more frequently experienced are covered in this Handbook however it is not possible to cover all situations.


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