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Results: At least 25 types of sex work were identified according to worksite, principal mode of soliciting clients, or sexual practices.These types of work are often grouped under the headings of “direct” and “indirect” prostitution, with the latter group less likely to be perceived or to perceive themselves as sex workers.In general, policing sex work can change its typology and location but its prevalence is rarely affected.

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Methods: A Medline search and review of 681 “prostitution” articles was conducted.Sex work, or prostitution, is the provision of sexual services for money or its equivalent.Sex workers may be male, female, or transgendered, and the boundaries of sex work are vague, ranging from erotic displays without physical contact with the client, through to high risk unprotected sexual intercourse with numerous clients.Brothel prostitution is found in most places where there is a significant sex industry and it is the form most likely to be the subject of state regulation.Another widespread form of indoor prostitution is escort prostitution where sex workers are contacted by phone and travel to the clients’ premises. Escort services have the advantage of being covert and are therefore better tolerated by law enforcers and the community at large.Table 1 lists a variety of sexual services widely recognised as “prostitution” because it is clear that the primary purpose of the interaction is to exchange sex for a fee.


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