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Randy’s blood-alcohol level was 0.21—more than twice the legal limit to operate a motor vehicle—and he later pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated.Normally, the video footage would be a matter of public record—with the nudity redacted—but there are a lot of ins and outs, notably: Randy’s legal team, which has exhausted its options on the state level, has turned to the federal courts in an effort to keep the video private.

His wife, Mary Davis-Travis, also was denied a request to sue on his behalf by the federal court, according to the AP.

In No Spending Spree For The Bondage Burglar, Eden Wells is the burglar and Holly Manning is the captured heiress.

When the inevitable double-cross occurs both ladies find themselves tied up and gagged over and over!

The Travis family fought in court for years to keep video of his privates, private.

Once fully clothed, he was sentenced to probation and rehab. Download the CW39 News Fix app for i OS or Android devices and the CW39 Weather app for i OS or Android devices.


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