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The breadth of such performing and recording situations is a testament not only to his singular guitar conception, but his musical versatility as well. In recent years, it is Frisell's role as composer and band leader which has garnered him increasing notoriety."For over ten years Bill Frisell has quietly been the most brilliant and unique voice to come along in jazz guitar since Wes Montgomery.It just happens, then I usually think about what must have influenced it later.When I sit down to write something in a certain style, it doesn't work.In light of this, it may be easy to overlook the fact that he may also be one of the most promising composers of American music on the current scene." - "Bill Frisell is the Clark Kent of the electric guitar.Soft-spoken and self-effacing in conversation, he apparently breathes in lungfuls of raw fire when he straps on his (guitar)...

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Frisell's music is accessible and avant-garde, a lyrical victory of man over machine, of personality over mechanics, of message over mathematics." - Born in Baltimore, Bill Frisell played clarinet throughout his childhood in Denver, Colorado.His interest in guitar began with his exposure to pop music on the radio. In high school, he played in bands covering pop and soul classics, James Brown and other dance material.Soon, the Chicago Blues became a passion through the work of Otis Rush, B. Later, Bill studied music at the University of Northern Colorado before attending Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied with John Damian, Herb Pomeroy and Michael Gibbs.In 1978, Frisell moved for a year to Belgium where he concentrated on writing music.In this period, he toured with Michael Gibbs and first recorded with German bassist Eberhard Weber.But as I got older, it crept into my music a lot." In fact, the observed that "Frisell possesses not only impressive compositional skills but also a remarkable ability to encompass seemingly antagonistic musical genres." Commenting on his eclectic compositional inclinations, Frisell told : "When I write something, it just sort of comes out.


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