Webdatagrid rowupdating event not firing

Find Control( lbl Contactidno )); Drop Down List ddl = ((Drop Down List)gv Contact Info. Text; Now just check what you are getting in Contact ID and Type. – vinit rai Jan 29 15 at Just Check whether you are binding in is not postback in page load protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) – Veenet Jan 29 15 at Label lbl = ((Label)gv Contact Info. i have checked with the breakpoints and i did not get new values there. = 0) here is my aspx code of gridview: Edit Update Cancel Please provide me a solution. Find Control( ddl Info Type )); Text Box txtinfo = ((Text Box)gv Contact Info. – sora0419 Jan 29 15 at A debugger can not only help you check if you are getting the correct value, it can also allow to walk through the steps.

– vinit rai Jan 29 15 at add a comment | i got another way to update i. Visible = false; foreach (Grid View Row grow in gv Contact Info. e with the help of Row Command method protected void gv Contact Info_Row Command(object sender, Grid View Command Event Args e) { if (e. – vinit rai Jan 29 15 at so you are not putting the correct value in your SQL query, correct? In the View Model class Carton View Model Guid property is used as the object identifier in the collection. NET Session) For the new rows we set the Carton Info Id to –1, because this is an identity column in the database.When we update the objects which are stored in the database already we can’t change the Carton Info Id that’s the reason why we use a separate Id property for the View Models.This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as canceling the update operation, whenever this event occurs.When I hit Update, the changes are not saved, and there is no error message.CRUD operations of Data Grid is not a big innovation, but there are plenty of ways to do that.


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